Monday, March 3, 2008


Greetings bloglings! Another week greets us. DH got me sick so I had a tickle-throat and cough all weekend. I actually didn't feel all that bad so I didn't rest up as I should, consequently I have a sore throat today and I stayed home from work.

We took about to thinking about the aforementioned musty smelling bedroom and the unexpected crop of mold we found in our own bedroom. After much researching and talking with our families and our friends who work in construction etc, we are pretty sure the mold that cropped up in our bedroom was surface mold caused by high humidity and low ventilation in that room this time of year. I used bleach and water to clean it and opened up all the window and blew fans for several hours. The musty bedroom however is another story. No visible mold or mildew. We inspected the roof and attic and there are no leaks or moisture issues that we can discern. DH's dad does not believe the smell is mold. He says it's "old house" smell. I can't say that I necessarilly agree, otherwise why wouldn't the other bedrooms smell that way when they are left with doors and windows closed?

However, we are going to attempt his suggestion of giving the walls and floors a thorough cleaning and painting it...which is fine because that was all on the to-do list anyways. I'm just going to do that room sooner then I planned. He thinks that will make the smell go away. I'm not so sure. But really...the only place we haven't been able to inspect is inside the exterior wall and when we replace the window we'll have our chance. At that point should we find any issue (or should the smell not go away after cleaning/painting) then we will probably take more aggressive action.

Otherwise this weekend I didn't do too much - some cleaning and I starting lifting the grass (for lack of a better word) in the area where the raised beds are going to go. I'm concerned it won't be done in time for next weekend. I still need to till and level it after the grass is gone.

I also planted some seeds and a couple plants. And I took a trip to Sac to game with my homies. Which was certainly fun, but probably was what prompted my cold to take a turn for the worse. Now I shall mope and drink tea and hopefully this afternoon I'll start to feel better.

Happy Monday.

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