Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hizzle Valentizle

This week has been relatively quiet. Rather busy at work, and not so at home. The great news is, I got dismissed from jury duty. YAY! I had to leave work yesterday to go to court and ended up home while the sun was still shining. So I ventured back out in the yard to work more on the border stuff. I'm almost done! My back is sore from it though. I've done nothing else this week house-related which is fine. I think I deserved a break. Tonight DH and I are going to see Buckethead as our Valentine's Day outing. It should be fun. As sick as I get of Buckethead (DH is obsessed) he actually really does put on a great show. I have tomorrow and Monday off as well! But not much will get done this weekend, as it's Dundracon time and I'm gonna go get my nerd on. I anticipate much dice rolling, junk food eating, meep-meep avoiding, and sleep-deprivation ahead. Monday will be a day of rest and perhaps of tales to blog.

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